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2019 , Let's Walk Hand By Hand
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2019 , Let's Walk Hand By Hand

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Chairman Mao said that "being backward means being beaten". Being passive means being beaten as well.

Under the current developement of China’s trade,some people choce to watch ,as a result, he missed the property market;some people choce to sit around, as a result he had standing still !

Some people chose to hesitate, as a result he was always strong in wandering

However, some people choce to take the initiative to attack, insceased the promotion efforts, meet the challenge, reversed the wind and lived in the sun!

What shall we, Chongqing Lushuntec Scientific & Technological Development Co., Ltd. a top-5 enterprise in the oil treatment industry do?

First, invest many B2B foreigh trade platforms and search engine ,like Google, Alibaba, Made-in-China, Bing, etc.

Second, invest and expand overseas exhibitions 

Third, make and implement customers face to face visit plan,analyze,follow up and provide aftersales maintenance to customers  

The dark side is when the lights are lit. This is best time for investment promotion, because the peers are back, you advance a small step to cross a big step, a door to success will always be just there, only if you have this vision and the force. 

Life, on four seasons,but only two seasons for marketing. Hard work is the peak season, no effort is off season.

One who will reach into the future, and never forget the past, we will be responsible person to lean lesson,do the right things, think from multiple angles,and find the solutions.

The real master who is in the insight into the situation, they wouild follow their own trajectory, not arrogant, not hasty,not hurried,step by step to walk calmly out of their own sky. The road of foreign trade is a kind of state ,which is difficult and lonely, but the loneliess can certainly be warmed. 

Then we wish,in 2019, we would walk hand by hand to accomplish our goals! Fighting !


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