CHY Series Quenching Oil Purifier
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Insulating Oil Purifier

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CHY Series Quenching Oil Purifier

CHY Series Quenching Oil Purifier

Due to the production environment and process conditions, quenching oil will always be seriously polluted by surface protecting agent, solid particles and carbon deposition, oil oxidation degradation products, oxides, dust and other impurities brought by the work-pieces which shall cause following negative effects such as changing quenching properties of oil, dirty work-piece surface, large amount of oil sludge deposited at the bottom of oil groove, safety monitoring system to be affected, heat exchanger to be polluted seriously, thus leads to serious consequences like extra cleaning to work-pieces and oil groove, components’ surface cracks, metallographic structure which not meet required standards, extremely worn shot blasting, unstable quenching quality).

CHY Series Quenching Oil Purifier can continuously remove the solid particles, oxidized oil sludge and water from the oil. It can be very conveniently connected with the oil tank directly, oil outlet at the bottom of the oil tank where is the dirtiest oil place connected to oil inlet of the purifier. After deeply purified, connect the outlet of this purifier to return opening of the oil tank. The quenching oil after precise purification meets requirements of components’ thermal treatment, improves surface quality of components, greatly reduces subsequent processing, provides cleaner quenching oil tank, guarantees stable cooling property of the oil, keeps the heat exchanger and transmitter clean. 

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