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Application 1:

CJC Series High Precision Oil Purifiers are used to filter quenching oil. Due to the influence of production environment and process conditions, quenching oil will always be subjected to serious pollution caused by surface protectant, solid particles, carbon deposition, oil oxidation degradation substances, oxides, the dust and other impurities brought in by the workpieces, resulted in following negative effects, such as changing the quenching characteristics of the oil, dirty workpieces surface, massive oil sludge accumulating at the bottom of the oil tank, affected safety monitoring system, and seriously polluted heat exchanger), results in serious consequences (such as extra cleaning for workpieces and oil tanks, components surface cracking, failure of metallographic structure of components, extreme wear of shot-blasting, unstable quenching performance). The CJC Series High Precision Oil Purifier can continuously remove carbon black, oil sludge, particulates and water content in quenching oil.

The results of quenching oil purification are as follows: meet the requirements of element heat treatment, improve element surface quality; greatly reduce follow-up treatment; quench oil tank is cleaner; ensure stable cooling characteristics of oil products; maintain clean heat exchanger and transmission device.

Application 2:                                                                                                                                                     

CJC Series High Precision Oil Purifier are widely used for oil storage tank, cement factory gear box, coal mill oil tank in thermal power plant, wind power gear box, oil tank with many contaminants in hydraulic system, engine lubricating oil tank, to filter carbon deposition, particulates, water and oil degradation in hydraulic oil, gear oil, lubricating oil and diesel fuel oil.

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