FZB-C Series Waste Oil Distillation Plant(Diesel Production)
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FZB-C Series Waste Oil Distillation Plant(Diesel Production)

FZB-C Series Waste Oil High Temperature Distillation Equipment (For Diesel)


FZB-C series waste oil high temperature distillation equipment is mainly used for regenerating lubricating oil such as engine oil, lubrication oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, diesel, and other oil mixture. It can turn the waste lubricating oil into diesel with its function of high temperature decomposition. During the process of distillation, the hydrocarbon chain breaks to reform new the molecule of the oil, then turns into oil mist. Then the oil mist turns into liquid by condensation and the qualified and beautiful diesel oil which can be used as fuel comes out finally. The equipment can effectively remove wearing debris, pitches, waxes, impurities, water contents, carbon deposits, oxides from the oil and decrease its acid value.

It is especially suitable for oil refineries and small enterprises who is in need of waste oil disposal. It is energy saving, environment friendly, and bits of waste residue generating. The waste residue does not contain oil and pollutes environment. During the processing of the oil regeneration, oil mists and volatile matters are discharged after being burned and purified. Its heat supply mainly adopts burning oil, natural gas, coal or electric heating.


 It runs at very low cost. The cost of additive to 1T waste oil is just about $6;

 It is easy to operate and with low operation cost, and can be operated well by just 1-2 person;

 It is available for splitting waste oil such waste machine oil, various engine oil and lubricating oil into diesel oil which can be used for industrial and civil purpose, even can be used by diesel engine;

 It is environment friendly. This equipment is completely sealed during the process. The gas which can not be condensed is discharged after off-gas treatment to reach the emission standard, and shall not pollutes the environment. And the final gained oil residue which can not be distilled can be used as fuel of heavy-duty diesel engine, thus to realized it without any pollutants discharge;

 Its recycling efficiency is very high, with recovery rate reaching 85% ~ 90%;

 It’s quipped with high efficiency distillation system, and diesel is its end product.

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