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LF Series Centrifugal Cooling Equipment
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LF Series Centrifugal Cooling Equipment


The grinding machine tools are used for grinding, the slag particles produced by grinding are continuously mixed into the cooling lubricating liquid. If not cleaned up in time and used repeatedly, there will be a large number of slag particles in the lubricating liquid, then the quality and accuracy of grinding parts are affected. This equipment is the equipment used for separating the grinding slags out of the coolant of the grinding machine tool during grinding process by centrifugal principle. When the cooling lubricating liquid containing grinding slag particles is injected into the centrifugal separation device through a circulating oil pump, the slag particles are separated from the cooling lubricating liquid under the action of centrifugal force, then the clean cooling lubricant enters the cooling oil tank to be used for grinding machine tools, thus to meet the accuracy and roughness of grinding parts. (Due to the limited volume of the centrifugal drum, it is necessary to regularly clean up the waste in the centrifugal drum so as to prevent the cooling liquid from being affected again by the waste which was separated). The interval between the two cleanups is determined by the grinding workload. It is recommended to clean the waste once in 2-4 hours.

On the basis of this device, with the use of an extra oil cooling device, the temperature of the coolant can change within a certain range, so that the cooling effect can be achieved.

Suitable Types of Liquid:

Cooling lubricant, organic solution, inorganic solution and oil solution, etc.

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