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LYJJ-II Series Breakdown Voltage Tester
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LYJJ-II Series Breakdown Voltage Tester

LYJJ-II Type Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Detecting Instrument

Main Functions & Advantages:

 Uses microprocessor to automatically accomplish works of boosting, remaining, stirring, standstill, calculating, and printing, carries through the dielectric strength test for the oil under voltage from 0 to 80KV.

 Large scree liquid crystal displayed in English.

 It is easy to operate. It can accomplish the dielectric strength test for 1 cup of oil as per the user’s simple preset. And 1 to 6 times of breakdown voltage value and circling times shall be stored and its thermal printer shall print the breakdown voltage value per time and also its average value after the test.

 It is with the function of power down remaining, and can store 100 of test results. And it can also display the actual environmental temperature and humidity.

 It can boost the voltage at a constant speed, and its voltage frequency corrects to 50Hz, thus to ensure the test to be controlled easily.

 With the functions of over-voltage, over-current, and limiting to safeguard users.

 With the functions of testing temperature display and system clock display.

 It is equipped with standard RS232 connector to set up communication with a computer.

 Main Technical Index:

 Output Voltage: 0~80KV (optional)   

 Time of Voltage Boosting: 1~9 times (optional)

 Suitable Temperature: 0℃~45℃

 Voltage Distortion Rate: <3%

 Voltage Boosting Capacity: 1.5KVA

 Suitable Humidity: <75%RH

 Voltage Boosting Speed: 0.5~5KV/s (adjustable)

 Testing Precision: ±3%

 Overall Dimension: 465mm×385mm×425mm

 Time of Standstill: 15min (adjustable)

 Supply Voltage: AC220V±10%/50Hz±1Hz

 Weight: 29Kg

 Interval Time of Voltage Boosting: 5min (adjustable)

 Power: 200W

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