Portable Oil Filtering Cart
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Insulating Oil Purifier

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Portable Oil Filtering Cart

LUSHUN Portable Oil Filtering Cart mainly contains: 

(I) JL Series Portable Oil Filtering Cart:(1) JL-A Series Portable Oil Filtering Cart  (2) JL-B Series Hand-held Oil Filtering Cart  (3) JL-D Series Drum-mounted Type Portable Oil Filtering Cart(4) JL-E Series Explosion-proof Portable Oil Filtering Cart  (5) JL-G Series Portable Oil Filtering Cart (6) JL-J Series High Precision Portable Oil Filtering Cart  (7) JL-K Series Portable Stainless Steel Oil Filtering Cart .

(II) LY Series Plate and Frame Type Oil Purifier is widely used in power station, power plants, transformer station, petroleum, chemistry, metallurgical and national defense industries. It is designed for filtering water and impurities of transformer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil and other oils. It adopts filter papers as filtering substance. According to the client's  requirements, they can be optional automatic fluid level control and automatic pressure alarm.  

(III) PFC Series High Precision Oil Filtering Cart is widely applied in industries such as metallurgy, electricity, chemical engineering, and engineering machineries to remove solid particles efficiently from various oil liquids like lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, fire resistant oil, water glycol and so on, thus to guarantee the quality and cleanliness of oil.

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