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QZJ Series Water-ring Vacuum Pump Set
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QZJ Series Water-ring Vacuum Pump Set

LUSHUN QZJ Series Water-ring Vacuum Pump Set is suitable for establishing and maintaining the vacuum condition of turbine generator sets and condenser of that. It is very important to power plant. It will directly affect the economical efficiency and stability of power plant operation. At present, for a lot of self-generation power plant, garbage power plant and thermal power plant, their vacuum systems are generally water-jet pumping system or steam-jet system. These systems all adopt out-dated technique and the maintenance will be very inconvenient. New power plant generally directly adopts new design of water-ring vacuum pump system.  So our LUSHUN QZJ Series Water-ring Vacuum Pump  Set is leading the way. 

If you want to establish and  maintain the vacuum condition of the turbine generator sets and condenser, this QZJ Series Water-ring Vacuum Pump Set shall be absolutely your better choice. We will supply you the best quality products, the most advanced solutions and the most professional service. If any questions, welcome to contact us, we will do our best to help you.

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