SF6 Regeneration Purification And Inflation Machine
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SF6 Regeneration Purification And Inflation Machine

SF6 Gas Regeneration, Purification and Inflation Machine               


This machine is mainly used for sectors of SF6 electric appliance or switch manufacturer, power supply bureau, power transmission and distribution project company, hydropower construction company, research institutes and power plant etc. it is necessary equipment for manufacturing,installation and maintenance of high voltage transmission and distribution equipment. The product is developed by adopting Germany DILO technology and combined with rich experience of our company, foreign advanced compress-liquefaction technology,auxiliary freezing liquefaction theory and the latest patented technology. The equipment have full seven functions. (vacuum evacuation, regeneration, liquefaction, purification, storage, air-inflation and air filling)


Adopts Germany DILO system technology with advanced design, complete functions, rational construction and easy operation.

Regeneration system adopts bipolar single-acting compressor with foreign compression technique which can compress SF6 to liquid and storage it into storage tank directly. We can also adopt freezing liquefaction method of American Copeland refrigerant compressor Unit to reduce the system operation pressure and recycle SF6 gas quickly without oil.

Vacuum evacuation system adopts domestic or imported twin-stage rotary-van vacuum pump with fast vacuum rate and also equipped with oil back-flow prevention device for the vacuum pump.

Recycling pressurization system adopts vacuum recycler with low recycling residual pressure and fast speed.

Filtration system adopts America Pioneer principle filter. The filter is equipped with build-in vacuum electrical heating and built-in high efficient absorption agent to make the filtration performance much better ( no need change agent frequently)

Control system adopts SF6 gas special valve.

Storage system can be customized with various capacity as per users’ request.

All control functions are concentrated on the front of machine with clear interface and convenient operation.

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