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YDC Series Large Capacity Oil Flushing Machine
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YDC Series Large Capacity Oil Flushing Machine

YDC Series Large Capacity Oil System Flushing Plant


YDC series large capacity oil system flushing plant is a large scale equipment devoted to flush large machineries used for power generation, national defence, metallurgy, aviation, petroleum, chemical engineering, mining, light industry, oil depots, and guarantees the production safety reliable movement of these machineries such as flushing newly installed or overhauled turbine oil system in power plants, large scale equipment oil system in steamships. Oil in the system shall be hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and other liquid with similar nature of lubricating oil. Flushing pressure is not more than 0.65MPa. When it flushes these systems, all kinds of pollutants in the oil such as particles, fiber, oil sludge, even water content shall be purified. This plant is very efficient, low using cost, easy operation, simple maintenance and reliable working performance.

Working Principle:

This plant is made of components such large flow capacity pump, flow regulating valve, filtration system, heater, meter, electric control cabinet, sampling value, etc. When running the plant, connect its inlet and outlet respectively to the inlet of oil supply mains on oil system tank and system to be flushed with temporary pipes to built a temporary circulatory system. The oil liquid is absorbed by large flow capacity pump from bottom of oil tank and finally gets into oil system through flow regulating valve, precision filter, high precision filter and heater step by step. The flushing oil liquid circulates with large flow capacity, the attainable flow speed in the oil supply mains reaches 6-7m/s and more, this speed is 7-8 times by that of normal operating. With high speed, the oil liquid lashes pollutants on pipeline inwall. By purification functions of filters and continuous purification while flushing, cleanness of oil in the pipeline meets the requirements of operation standard. It adopts heater to increase the oil temperature (≤70℃). When oil system sets with cooler, cooling operation (20℃~30℃) is available after heating operation is stopped, and then rewashing by alternating temperature shall be realized and the flushing effects shall be improved. Besides, when oil temperature reaches 55℃~70℃, start the vapor extractor, fast moisture can be removed by means of large flow agitation. 

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