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YWC Series Oily Water Treatment Machine
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YWC Series Oily Water Treatment Machine

YWC Series Oily Water Treatment Machine

Application 1: YWC series oily water treatment machine (also known as 15ppm marine oil-water separator or 15ppm bilge water separator) is an environmental protection equipment which is developed as per the standards of IMO MEPC 107(49), i.e. the oil content in effluent water shall be less than or equal to 15ppm. This machine is a high-tech equipment for marine environmental protection, and able to effectively process the bilge water containing various fuel oil, high-density residual oil, and the marine emulsified liquid mixture consists of ferric oxide and surfactant. Its treatment flow rate ranges from 0.25m3 to 5m3. There are nine models, and the smallest model YWC-0.25 can be suited to marine ships with displacement less than 1000T while the biggest model YWC-5.00 can be suited to large marine ships with displacement more than 300,000T. Application 2: It is applied in sewage treatment for ports, wharf, industrial and mining enterprises, such as fine filtration to large amount oilfield reinjection water, filtration and advanced treatment to circulating cooling water for power plant and petrochemical plant, advanced treatment for oil refinery and sewage treatment plant, filtration treatment to water supply and drainage system for metallurgy and coal industry, and other oily water treatment industries request large amount of water and high precision filtration. And its discharge is completely in conformity with related requirements of national environmental protection agencies.

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