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ZRG-Ⅱ Series Dehydration Dedicated Oil Purifier
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ZRG-Ⅱ Series Dehydration Dedicated Oil Purifier

ZRG-II Series Dehydration Dedicated Oil Purifier


ZRG series are widely used in industries of petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy and power generation etc. It is very suitable for removing free water, emulsified water, impurities and gas in turbine oil and lubricating oil(gear oil, hydraulic oil, machine oil and refrigerant oil) with high water content efficiently and effectively while working online with lubricating system for long time by deeper purification to increase the filtration precision and cleanliness grade so as to improve the oil quality and regain its performance, protect the normal working of hydraulic system, dynamic system and lubrication system. ZRG series contains type ZRG-I (for oil below 220# ) and type ZRG-II (for oil above 220# ).


 Rapidly remove the free water in the oil, make sure its water content can be less than 100ppm.

 With high precision, large pollutant-containing capacity and long-lived filter cartridge, ZRG series also has function of automatically detecting the pollution degree of filter element.

 Can be working online without supervision and with its lamps indicative of operation status. 

User-friendly design with low noise, easy operation, long time free maintenance, and low energy consumption to save cost from its running process.

Equipped with indicator for changing filter elements and automatic stop device for overloaded filters.

Equipped with emergency stop device for electric leakage and power overload to protect the motor.

With functions of phase-sequence, open-phase protection and sudden shut-down safety control.

Adopts liquid-ring vacuum pump.

Optional Customized Design as per Client’s Requirements:

Optional PLC intelligent controller with touch screen operation dynamic display .

Online moisture tester and online particle detector are available as its optional components.

The whole structure of the machine can be made mobiles style with four wheels, fixed style, mobile style with trailer(double axles or single axle).

Optional style: fully enclosed, conceal eaves, canvas and open etc.

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