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VRP Series Varnish Removal Oil Purifier
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VRP Series Varnish Removal Oil Purifier

  • VRP-10

VRP Series Varnish Removal Oil Purifier


VRP Series Varnish Removal Oil Purifier is mainly used to remove the dissolved and suspended soft pollutants in turbine oil. So-called soft pollutant is oil varnish’s precursor which is caused by systems’ hotspot such as bearings and pumps. The existing forms of the soft pollutants are dissolved and suspended, while these soft oxides removal can avoid oil varnish generation. Once oil varnish forms, machinery fault or boot failure by valves adhesion and out of control occurs, clogging and limitation of flow leads to oil temperature rising and increased abrasion, attachments on sandpaper surface increase element’s wear rate, disabled heat exchanger lifts oil temperature, stoving varnish formed on bearings and limitation of low increases abrasion and temperature, and frequent oil replacement and system washing. When the soft pollutant dissolves in oil, the typical oil temperature situation overtops 40℃, then normal mechanical filtration shall be disabled.  

Adopting balanced charge filtration technology combined with dry ion exchange resin absorption technology, VRP series oil varnish removing plant purges dissolved and suspended soft pollutants from oil, even suitable for gas turbine and steam turbine. It is with advantages of increasing the reliability and stability of the system, no longer exists turbine malfunction, valves adhesion while avoids shutting down and boot failure caused by oil varnish, prolonging the service life of oil, additives and system components (such as bearings, valves, sealing elements), with very low MPC security level, improving oil lifting temperature, and making bearing temperature more stable.

Technical Specification



Flow Rate


Working Pressure


Total Power


Overall Dimensions1466mm×1126mm×1750mm

Power Supply




Particle Contamination Degree(NAS1638)

≤6 level

MPC Value


Above size and weight of this equipment are for reference only, the specific data shall be subject to its physical object. 


why removing oil varnish?

The causes of varnish in industrial oil systems. We looked at how oil degradation produces submicron that eventually cluster and stick to metal surfaces, turning into varnish. Left unchecked, varnish can lead to varying levels of equipment failure, costly downtime, expensive repairs or, in the worst cases, complete replacement.

When the lubricant inevitably oxidizes and varnish precursors are formed, varnish removal systems are necessary to prevent degradation products from accumulating to the point where varnishing occurs.


how can it be prevented or eliminated?

Our Varnish Removal Systems (VRP) were developed to address the need to properly remove varnish (also known as lacquer, sludge, or tar) commonly found in various lubrication and hydraulic systems. Our process utilizes either granular adsorbent media or depth media filter elements to effectively remove dissolved and suspended oil degradation products (i.e. the cause of varnish). Varnish removal is accomplished with oxidatively stable media, engineered to selectively remove only the varnish-causing contaminants without disturbing the oil's additive package.





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