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EH Oil Purifier
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EH Oil Purifier

As one of the leading and experienced manufacturer supplying the most advanced unqualified oil or waste oil treatment solutions along with excellent quality machineries, LUSHUN ZT Series Phosphate Fire Resistant Oil Purifier Series mainly but not limitedly contains: (I) ZT-I-ZZ Series Vacuum Phosphate Fire Resistant Oil Regeneration Purifier, (II)  ZT-II Series Portable Shortening Filter For Phosphate Fire Resistant Oil, (III) ZT-I-Z Series Vacuum Phosphate Fire Resistant Oil Purifier,  (IV) ZT-III Series Phosphate Fire Resistance Oil Regeneration And Purification Device, and are mainly used for purifying, regenerating, refining, and refilling phosphate fire-resistant oil, anti-ignited oil. Different sub-series with different treatment capacity and different features and functions for different oil quality source and application purpose. 

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