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Equipment Lubrication Management
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Equipment Lubrication Management

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Equipment Lubrication Management

The management of equipment lubrication is reflected in the management of lubricating oil use process in the real management work, including the management of oil, hydraulic oil, hydraulic transmission oil, gear oil and grease.  It is an important part of equipment management.  Scientific and reasonable use of lubricating oil can fully protect mechanical equipment, prolong the service life of the equipment, improve the work efficiency of the equipment, reduce the consumption of oil materials of the equipment, and reduce the emission of pollution of the equipment.  Lubricating oil management contains a high degree of scientific content and technical content.  

According to the investigation and understanding, some major equipment management units of equipment lubricating oil management strength is weak, the basic unit of the relevant technical force is seriously insufficient, making the equipment lubrication management is more and more non-standard.  Many equipment management units because of not in accordance with the specific requirements of various equipment to use suitable oil and hydraulic oil and other lubricating oil, resulting in some engine tile and transmission parts early wear and hydraulic system paralysis and other serious equipment accidents, to bring unnecessary economic losses to enterprises.  

In order to eliminate and reduce these losses, I think we should first pay enough attention to lubrication management in the management of each equipment, establish and improve a series of lubrication management systems and measures, and put the lubrication management work really run.  The specific content should include the following aspects:  


1. Establish and improve supporting management institutions  

From basic equipment management units to companies, group companies and even oilfield companies, perfect management network institutions and management processes should be set up. Lubricating oil management authority, should exist in the equipment management system.  The management of each equipment shall have a person with professional knowledge responsible for lubricating oil management.  The grass-roots management unit shall establish and perfect lubricating oil stations.  Specific management plans such as the selection and use of lubricating oil shall be reported step by step and implemented after examination and approval, and shall be supervised and inspected by the superior to the subordinate.  Standardization and institutionalization of lubrication management.  


2. Regulate the internal supply of lubricating oil  

2.1 Selection and classification of lubricating oil  

According to the oil quality grade and viscosity grade required by different parts of the equipment, the basic management unit selects an oil suitable for use and stable supply from the performance to the economy, and selects two alternative oil products.  Report to the upper management department for examination and filing, and guarantee with the system.  

2.2 Lubricating oil procurement  

The purchasing department of lubricating oil must understand the basic requirements of various parts of equipment for lubricating oil performance and understand the current situation of lubricating oil supply market.  The brand and manufacturer selection of lubricating oil should be based on the quality and performance of oil products, but not on the price.  Division level units under each group shall plan procurement centrally, and procurement shall be based on plans and requirements provided by professional departments.  No very special circumstances, generally do not use alternative oil.  Purchased lubricating oil shall be uniformly stored and issued by lubricating oil station.  To facilitate monitoring and management.  

2.3 Information Feedback  

Establish information feedback system, by the basic management unit and lubricating oil station in the use of lubricating oil quality feedback to the oil procurement department and the superior management department.  This can be used as the basis for supervision and adjustment of lubricating oil purchase and supply.  


3. Strengthen all links of lubricating oil use process management  

3.1 Performance monitoring of lubricating oil  

Real-time detection and monitoring of lubricating oil quality is a necessary measure and means for equipment management and lubrication management.  It is also the necessary measures and means to prevent equipment accidents.  

At present, because the lubricating oil supply market is not very standard, fake and shoddy oil is full of lubricating oil supply market, so the monitoring of lubricating oil in the purchase and use process is essential.  The determination of lubricating oil should be carried out before use and during the use of 50 hours, 100 hours and 250 hours of oil change cycle. The change of various performance indicators of lubricating oil in the use process is of great significance to our lubricating oil management and the adoption of corresponding measures.  The comparison of performance indexes of different oil products also has a guiding role in selecting the best and eliminating the worst in the use of lubricating oil.  Each lubricating oil station shall be equipped with a laboratory capable of testing basic performance indicators.  The establishment of some original equipment management organizations of oilfield companies is reasonable.  

3.2 On-site management of lubricating oil  

Site management mainly refers to the equipment in the construction site and the construction process of lubricating oil use, replacement and sampling testing and other details.  

At present, because the equipment is scattered in different construction sites, and even a lot of equipment is far away in other provinces for construction, it brings a lot of difficulties to the on-site management of equipment lubrication.  The quality of locally sourced lubricants is difficult to guarantee and cannot be monitored.  And in many remote construction sites, it is difficult to buy good quality especially special oil.  Therefore, the construction equipment should carry a sufficient amount of lubricating oil as far as possible, no matter where the construction, to ensure the use of the original brand and ensure that it is within the monitoring range.  

Due to the different environmental conditions of the construction site, the replacement and detection of lubricating oil will have certain difficulties, and the main problem is pollution.  On the one hand, it is the pollution of sand, mud, water and other dirt to the oil, on the other hand, we often ignore the waste oil leakage and discarding of environmental pollution.  Both must be avoided.  The adoption of closed oil change system is necessary.  Several years ago, the relevant departments of oilfield companies tried to popularize the use of oil changing and pumping equipment has been rarely used by units, so we should reconsider the mandatory use.  This is in line with the needs of equipment lubrication management, in line with the needs of QHSE management, in line with the needs of civilized construction production.  With the progress of social civilization and technology, we can not be obsessed with simplicity and primitive.  

Oil change cycle control, oil addition and replacement, sampling detection, and improvement of relevant records are the specific work content of site management.  

The control of oil change period is based on the operation timer (or operation record) of the equipment and the oil change period required by various equipment. The general oil change time of various lubricating oils should be 1/10 before and after the required period.  If the oil change period is specified as 250 hours, the oil change can be completed in 225-275 hours.  

Grease does not exist oil change cycle, but must be timely filling according to industrial and mining conditions and maintenance requirements.  

For lubricating oil addition and replacement, the grass-roots management organization shall assign special personnel to use special machines and tools to add and replace oil for each equipment according to the actual situation and oil change cycle.  And register at the same time.  

Conduct regular sampling inspection of the equipment in normal use and timely sampling and testing of the equipment in doubt, and archive the testing data for reference and analysis.  Report any problems in time.  

Complete, accurate and detailed original records are the basis for monitoring, analyzing and managing the use of lubricants in equipment management.  Record detailed basic data including oil type, brand, quantity, oil change cycle test data.  

3.3 Quantitative management of lubricating oil  

Due to the influence of irregular economic market, lubricating oil and fuel oil also exist loss and abnormal consumption phenomenon.  Therefore, the quantitative management of lubricating oil (including hydraulic oil and hydraulic transmission oil) is not good, but also cause the economic loss of equipment maintenance and oil loss.  The quantity of lubricating oil is mainly determined according to the calibration capacity of different parts of each vehicle, oil change period and normal consumption.  General four-stroke engine consumption in an oil change period is about 15%-25% of its capacity, two-stroke engine oil change cycle is short and oil consumption is larger, its specific range should depend on the engine running time and performance.  Other transmission parts of the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil in addition to the cycle replacement, should give its capacity of about 3% of the quota as a treatment of leakage and maintenance of loss.  Of course, the loss mentioned above should be adjusted according to the degree of old and new equipment and the use of specific conditions.  


4. Several new technical problems about lubricating oil (management)  

4.1 The special oil of the equipment manufacturer  

At present, there are many manufacturers to launch the factory equipment special oil.  The use of special oil for lubricating oil technology management can of course save worry, but its price is high, the supply channel is single, but also to our use and management of some inconvenience. In fact, there are two main reasons for the production of the vast majority of special oil: one is the convenience provided by manufacturers for users who lack lubricating oil related technology and knowledge.  Second, driven by economic interests, it takes "special" as the basis of high price.  We don't have to be superstitious about special oils.  As long as we master certain lubricating oil technology and knowledge, it is easy to find economical and convenient lubricating oil products that can meet the technical requirements in the corresponding brands.  

4.2 The selection of single-stage viscosity and compound viscosity lubricating oil  

Now there are more and more compound viscosity lubricating oil. Many people think that compound viscosity lubricating oil is absolutely better than single-stage viscosity lubricating oil because of its wide viscosity range and high price. It can be used in any equipment, which is a misunderstanding.  Compound viscosity lubricating oil has great advantages, such as wide viscosity range, wide application range and good low-temperature starting performance.  It is used in the equipment's own temperature and environmental temperature change are large, especially can show its excellent performance, such as in winter.  However, due to the poor shear resistance of its additive molecules, it is not suitable for use in heavy loads and harsh industrial and mining conditions.  Or in use to shorten the oil change cycle.  So in winter does not operate or heavy load of equipment, try to use single-stage viscosity lubricating oil.  

4.3 Oil change period of the equipment  

The oil change cycle of most construction machinery equipment is roughly the same.  General four-stroke diesel engine oil is 250 hours, two-stroke diesel engine oil change cycle is 150 hours;  Mechanical transmission parts of lubricating oil for 1000 hours;  Hydraulic oil for 2000 hours (except for special equipment, such as hydraulic hammer, etc.)  These values are obtained through long-term experiments and empirical analysis, including economic and safety factors, and the safety factor is fully considered.  In the actual operation, if the oil change period exceeds the specified time, excessive wear of the equipment may not be seen, but we do not need to risk the safety of the equipment, and it is better to do it according to the provisions.  In recent years, the products of some construction machinery manufacturers have extended the oil change cycle of hydraulic oil and even engine oil in the instructions.  For example, the hydraulic system oil change cycle of Japan's Shuyou excavator and Komatsu excavator has been extended to 5000 hours, and the equipment has not seen any problems in actual use.  The prolongation of oil change cycle is mainly based on the stability of oil properties.  

4.4 Development trend of lubricating oil using technology  

4.4.1 Trend of viscosity reduction  

With the improvement of engine and transmission parts manufacturing technology, the quality grade and quality requirements of lubricating oil are also improved.  From the original CC, CD level to the now widely used CG, CH level.  At the same time, in order to reduce resistance and improve mechanical efficiency, but also for more precise fit, smaller clearance parts can be fully lubricated, the viscosity of lubricating oil is also gradually reduced.  The pros and cons of lubricating oil have a more prominent impact on the equipment.  These also put forward higher requirements for our equipment lubrication management.  

4.4.2 Trend of prolonged oil change cycle  

With the improvement of mechanical manufacturing accuracy, the improvement of lubricating oil quality stability, as well as the transformation of filtration system, the replacement cycle of various lubricating oil has also appeared the trend of extension.  

4.4.3 The versatility of lubricating oil is gradually improved  

Whether it is engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic transmission oil, hydraulic oil, they should have several basically the same characteristics to enable them to play basically the same role in their respective systems: lubrication, cooling, cleaning, anticorrosion, transmission of power.  Just because we use different systems and parts, we have an outstanding expectation and requirement for one aspect of performance, but other aspects of performance should not be ignored, and the higher the better.  As the quality grade of lubricating oil becomes higher and higher, the performance of all aspects is gradually improved to make it can be applied to different systems and can meet the requirements.  Now, komatsu and other individual manufacturers have implemented the whole car to use unified oil products, with the development of technology, there will be more manufacturers in the future in the whole car to use a kind of oil.  


5, conclusion  

Along with the social progress and the continuous development of science and technology, in lubricating oil use and management for the future, we will continue to face some new problems, lubricating management in the equipment management work will be more and more shows its important role, hope our related management department and the staff can give enough attention.  By selecting suitable oil purification equipment, establishing and improving management institutions, standardizing internal supply channels, strengthening on-site management and paying attention to the development of lubrication technology, our lubrication management and equipment management will have a good development.  


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