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How Should We Choose the Right Oil Purification?
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How Should We Choose the Right Oil Purification?

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How Should We Choose the Right Oil Purification?

It is well known that oil will produce a large number of impurities when it comes into contact with air for a long time.  The accumulation of impurities affects the normal operation of the equipment, which is a potential safety hazard.  For the management personnel of the equipment site, how to choose the appropriate oil filter to filter the impurities in the oil is the topic we discuss.  


First of all, each unit of oil, equipment operation is different.  Even if the same oil in each unit of the impurity content is not the same, so we must first analyze the impurities in their own oil.  


Impurities in oil are mainly divided into two categories:  


1. Mechanical particles and impurities  


2, dust oil sludge impurities.  


If it is a mechanical impurities particle, it is recommended to use JL series portable filtration tankers, which USES the stainless steel mat type filter, filtering step by step to achieve the purpose of all clean, lightweight flexible, pollutant carrying capacity is strong, can be rinsed the filter at the same time, the material cost is low, can also according to customer's demand of precision size if it is dust sludge impurities,  It is recommended to useLY series plate frame pressure oil filter, which is durable, has strong adsorption capacity of filter paper, and is economical and affordable, especially for dust and oil sludge.  


Filter oil processing knowledge  


Oil filter (oil purifier) is used to deal with all kinds of unqualified oil.  The development of oil filter has experienced four stages: plate oil filter (including pressure plate oil filter), vacuum oil filter, centrifugal oil filter and high efficiency vacuum oil filter.  


Plate oil filter, also called frame plate oil filter.  It is through a metal frame plate stacked dozens of perforated filter paper to filter the impurities in the oil, later in order to increase the filtration speed, in its front end add an oil pump to pressure, so it is also called pressure oil filter.  This type of oil filter is an older type of oil filter.  It can simply filter the waste oil, can not be unqualified oil comprehensive regeneration treatment, so this oil filter can only be used in places where the oil requirements are not high.  Vacuum oil filters were developed in the late 1970s. 


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