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How to use a transformer oil purification machine
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How to use a transformer oil purification machine

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How to use a transformer oil purification machine

Why use a transformer oil purification machine

In order to remove dust, gases and other contaminants as well as other undesirable materials like acids, moisture, and metal dust, etc. dissolved in transformer oil, a transformer oil purification machine is used.Transformer oil is affected by oxidation and as result the natural decaying process takes place in the fluid. This decay process develops sludge resulting in a shorter life span and ultimately failure of the device. Impurities in the oil are usually particles, water, sludge, acidity, gas etc. transformer oil purifier can solve the problem.

Working of transformer oil purifier machine

1.Open the valve 29 on the intake pipe of the vacuum pump, start the vacuum pump 31, and pay attention to the situation that the vacuum degree rises.

2.Open the relief valve and adjust the pressure to 0.3Mpa (it has been adjusted when leaving the factory).

3.When the vacuum degree reaches -0.08MPa, open the oil inlet valve 15 to feed oil.

4.When the oil enters the vacuum tank and the oil level reaches the middle position of the oil level gauge, open the oil outlet valve 20 or 22 (Note: there are two oil outlet valves 20 and 22. When using the two-stage filter, close the ball valve 22 on the fine filter;When using the fine filter, close the ball valve on the secondary filter 20), start the oil pump 25, and the oil outlet begins to discharge oil.The double-stage vacuum oil filter reminds the user to pay special attention: the oil pump can only be started after the oil outlet valve is opened, otherwise the filter will be damaged.

5.Obact the change of the pressure gauge (the discharge pressure should be limited to 0 ~ 0.4Mpa, and it is 0Mpa in normal operation state), check whether there is oil leakage at the discharge oil pump and pipe joint, if there is, it should be discharged immediately, and then lock the relief valve to ensure the operation of the machine.

6.Adjust the opening amount of the oil inlet valve 15, so that the amount of oil in and out reaches a balance, so that the oil level gauge on the vacuum tank is in the middle position (automatically controlled by the infrared automatic controller after normal operation).

7.When the oil circulation normal, can start the automatic control of heater, attention should be taken before start the heater temperature control in 45 ~ 65 ℃ range of self-control, at 65 ℃ for zui better state, and then based on what amount of crude oil and the surrounding environment temperature to decide whether to open the manual heater (mainly applicable to ZY, ZYA - 100 type of equipment).

8.After the two-stage vacuum oil filter works normally and the oil circulates for several times, the sample can be taken from the sampling port for testing.

9.When using this oil purification machine to oil transformers, transformers, bushings and vacuum clean oil drying, auxiliary vacuum source and auxiliary heater are generally not needed.

The power of the vacuum source and heater attached to the double-stage Chongqing vacuum transformer oil filtration can meet the needs of the drying equipment. It is only noted that the whole core of the equipment should be soaked into the oil when the spray or oil drizzling is carried out.When the stage cycle purification is carried out, the oil inlet speed, the oil inlet temperature and the stage cycle time shall be controlled according to the relevant regulations.There should be a certain amount of qualified oil in the vacuum tank before the oil machine works, so as to ensure the oil level balance of the transformer oil pillow when the oil machine works.Double stage vacuum oil filter adopts low power and high density electric heating element, equipped with overheat protection system, double stage vacuum oil filter will not cause oil deterioration in any case, the whole system without cooling, easy to use, safe to use in winter, replacement of filter element without tools for disassembly.



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