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Introduction of Turbine Oil
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Introduction of Turbine Oil

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Introduction of Turbine Oil

Steam turbine oil used to be called turbine oil. It is mainly used to lubricate sliding bearings, reduction gears and governor of steam turbine generator set and water turbine generator set, as well as working medium of hydraulic system.  In addition, steam turbine oil is also widely used in the lubrication of steam turbines, industrial gas turbines, turbine compressors, turbine freezers, turbine blowers, turbochargers, turbine pumps and so on in large and medium-sized ships and warships.  Ammonia resistant turbine oil is used for lubrication of centrifugal ammonia compressor, freezer and turbine set in large chemical fertilizer plant.  


    Main performance requirements:  

1, the appropriate viscosity  

The viscosity requirements of steam turbine oil are related to the structure of the steam turbine unit. Steam turbines with pressure cycle often use steam turbine oil with lower viscosity.  Small steam turbines that use oil cups to feed oil, due to the heat transfer of the shaft, affect the adhesion of the oil film on the bearing surface, so the viscosity of the oil used is larger.  

2, good antioxidant stability  

Steam turbine oil running cycle is long, and air, steam and metal contact oxidation and formation of acid and precipitate corrosion parts.  

3, good emulsification performance  

The steam turbine oil is mixed with water in the process of use, so that the oil emulsifies and produces emulsion. The oil and water are not easy to separate and reduce the lubricity of the oil so that the oil accelerates oxidation and deteriorates, so it is required to have good emulsification performance.  

4, other  

Generally, it should also have good foam resistance and rust resistance.  


   China's turbine oil classification:  

The steam turbine oil classification standard GB7631.10 is equivalent to ISO6743 standard, which divides the steam turbine oil into five categories and twelve varieties according to its special use.  Steam turbine oil is subdivided into TSA, TSC, TSD and TSE, and gas turbine oil is subdivided into TGA, TGB, TGC, TGD and TGE. TSA, TSE, TGAGB and TGE are all mineral oil type, and TSE and TGE are extreme pressure turbine oil.  


   China's turbine oil specifications and standards:  

At present, l-TSA (anti-oxygen and anti-rust) steam turbine oil has been standardized in China, and the standard is GB11120-89;  Ammonia resistant steam turbine oil, standard SH 0362-92;  Anti-rust steam engine oil for ship, the standard is GJB1601A-98;  In addition, gas turbine oil has been developed and produced according to provisional technical specifications.  Aircraft jet oil, standard GB439-90;  The standard numbers of no.20 aviation lubricating oil, aviation turbine engine synthetic lubricating oil, No.4104 synthetic aviation lubricating oil, No.4109 synthetic aviation lubricating oil and no.4209 synthetic aviation anti-rust oil are RESPECTIVELY GB440-88, GB1263-91, SH0460-92, GJB135-86 and SH0416-92.  


  the use of steam turbine oil matters needing attention:  

Steam turbine oil in use should pay attention to: (1) as far as possible to prevent steam turbine leakage, water leakage, electricity leakage;  The oil return temperature is controlled below 65℃;  ③ The tank regularly cuts water and releases impurities to keep the oil clean from water, rust, sediment and other pollution.  


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