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What is Oil Emulsification?
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What is Oil Emulsification?

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What is Oil Emulsification?

Oil emulsification: Concept: Emulsification is the close dispersion of one liquid in another liquid to form an emulsion.  It's a mixture of two liquids rather than a dissolution of each other.  Lubricating oil in the process of use and water contact, under certain conditions will produce different degrees of emulsification.  The demulsification or demulsification of lubricating oil refers to the ability of oil to quickly separate oil and water when oil meets water and emulsifies after heating and standing.  The main factors affecting the performance of lube-water separation are the degree of refinement of base oil, the degree of oil pollution and the compatibility of oil additives. For the prepared oil, the mechanical impurities, sludge and other pollutants generated in the process of use will seriously affect the oil-water separation of oil.  Harm: 1. The demulsification of lubricating oil depends largely on the degree of refinement of base oil. The detection of demulsification of new oil can reflect the quality of new oil and is one of the indicators to identify the quality of true and false oil.  2, lubricating oil in some occasions inevitably into a lot of water, which requires that the water into the oil can be quickly separated from the oil, otherwise the emulsion formed by water and oil will reduce the lubrication performance of lubricating oil, increase wear, corrosion, formation of sludge, hinder the normal circulation of lubricating oil.  Therefore, lubricating oil products are required to have good anti-emulsification performance.  3, for the industrial lubricating oil used in the circulation system, such as hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil, bearing oil and so on, in the process of use should be in contact with cooling water or water vapor, the amount of which needs to be regularly discharged from the bottom of the circulation tank mixed with water.  Therefore, there are high requirements for the demulsification of these oils, especially steam turbine oil and bearing oil.  4, oil with the extension of the use of time, the degree of oxidation, acid content increases, which will produce more mechanical impurities.  These substances will make the oil demulsification performance worse.  So the demulsification is also an important quality index to judge whether the oil needs to be replaced.  Solution: the use of deep filtration treatment (mechanical filter or vacuum plate frame filter), can remove the oxide in the lubricating oil, but also reduce the acid value in the oil, improve the resistivity, also can improve the emulsification characteristics in the oil.  


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