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What is flushing oil in refinery?
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What is flushing oil in refinery?

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What is flushing oil in refinery?

The term “oil flushing” is used extensively in the process heating industry to refer to the cleaning of pipes and process equipment. Typical applications use immersion or circulation heaters that heat oil for circulating through the system to a desirable Reynolds number.

What is an oil flushing unit?

The Flushing Unit (FU) is basically a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) with high flow rate. The FU will be the driving the flushing fluid throughout the circuit to get the lines flushed. The FU will be housing the flushing filter which is responsible to clean the circulating oil through every flushing cycle.

What is flushing oil pump?

This process is utilized when filling the system with a neutral fluid or new charge of oil. The steps include draining the system, refilling the reservoir to the minimum circulation level and using system pumps circulating in the normal flow path.

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