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What is the Difference Between Vacuum Filter and Plate Filter
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What is the Difference Between Vacuum Filter and Plate Filter

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What is the Difference Between Vacuum Filter and Plate Filter

Plate type oil filter is an oil filter equipment which can effectively remove impurities and micro water and improve the pressure resistance of oil.  It has a good purification effect on oil and is an ideal oil saving recovery equipment.  Pressure plate frame oil filter, as a representative of plate oil filter, uses filter paper to filter, which is a kind of original oil filter equipment. It can play a very good role in the use of oil at the edge of unqualified.  But the use of high cost, filter paper consumption, high intensity of manual work.

Vacuum oil filter can be used for hot oil cycle drying, especially for oil immersed current, voltage transformer and high voltage low oil circuit breaker.  The demulsification effect of vacuum oil filter is good.  However, the filter effect of vacuum oil filter is affected by the area of vacuum separation tank, so it is not obvious for oil with little water content.  For oily sludge or dust too much oil, need to be pretreated.  

Vacuum oil filter can be used for oil filtering and oil filling of various oil-immersed transformers, oil-immersed current and voltage transformers and high-voltage low-oil circuit breakers.  It can also be used for regeneration and purification of mildly deteriorated transformer oil, so that its performance can meet the qualified oil standards.  Mainly used in power plant, power station, electric power company, substation industry, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railway and other industries.  

Generally, plate type oil filter is mainly used to filter transformer oil, capacitor oil, spindle oil and insulation oil and other oil products, mainly suitable for power plant, substation, power supply station, oil depot and other related industries or fields.  

On the whole, vacuum oil filter and plate oil filter can solve most of the oil filter problems, but the treatment effect of different pollution of different oil is different, so customers choose oil filter, it is necessary to choose appropriate oil filter products based on the actual needs of specific problems.  


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