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What is the Process of Oil Purifier?
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What is the Process of Oil Purifier?

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Here is a detailed description of the working process of an oil filter machine:

1.Inlet: The oil to be filtered is introduced into the oil filter machine through an inlet.This can be done manually or through a pump system.

2.Pre-filtration: The oil passes through a pre-filtration stage where larger particles and impurities are removed.This stage helps to protect the main filter and improve its efficiency.

3.Main Filtration: The oil then enters the main filtration stage where it passes through a series of filters.These filters are designed to remove smaller particles,such as dirt,debris,and contaminants,from the oil.The filters can be made of various materials,such as paper,cloth,or synthetic fibers,depending on the specific requirements.

4.Filtration Medium: The oil flows through the filtration medium,which traps the impurities while allowing the clean oil to pass through.The filtration medium is designed to have a high surface area and fine pores to effectively capture even the smallest particles.

5.Pressure or Gravity: The oil can be filtered under pressure or by gravity,depending on the design of the oil filter machine.In pressure filtration,the oil is forced through the filters using a pump,while in gravity filtration,the oil flows naturally through the filters due to the difference in height between the inlet and outlet.

6.Outlet: The filtered oil exits the oil filter machine through an outlet.It is now free from impurities and ready for further use or storage.

7.Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the oil filter machine.This includes cleaning or replacing the filters,checking for any leaks or damages,and ensuring that all components are in good working condition.

Please note that the specific working process may vary depending on the type and design of the oil filter machine.

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