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Lushun lubricating oil purifier is used for purifying any industrial lube oils. It takes vacuum dehydration system (remove emulsified water, all moisture completely) and 3 stages filters, and another coalescing-separation filter (remove large quantity of water fast) together to remove out the impuri



[Product News] What is high velocity oil flushing?

High Velocity Oil Flushing is an industry best practice for meeting OEM oil system cleanliness specifications. Using auxiliary pumps and jumpers to bypass system restrictions of a lubricating system, the process rapidly removes contaminants from fluid systems.



[Product News] Why be Concerned about Varnish?

Lubricant varnish has become a significant maintenance problem in many critical hydraulic and lubrication oil applications, such as gas turbines, paper machines and compressors. Turbine oil varnish has been a particularly high profile issue over the last decade. A very small amount of varnish that s



[Product News] What Is an Oil Filter Cart?

Oil filter carts are a portable way to filter multiple types of new and used oil, take oil samples, and transfer oil to and from storage containers and machines. Oil filter carts are now considered a necessity when it comes to having an effective lubrication program thanks to their many benefits and

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