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Plate type oil filter is an oil filter equipment which can effectively remove impurities and micro water and improve the pressure resistance of oil. It has a good purification effect on oil and is an ideal oil saving recovery equipment. Pressure plate frame oil filter, as a representative of plate



[Product News] Classification of Oil Filters

Oil filter, also known as oil filter, clean oil machine. Its function is to filter and purify the polluted oil and restore or improve the property of the oil itself. Including oil cleanliness, water content, gas content, acid value, viscosity, flash point, insulation strength, color and so on, and



[Industry News] Introduction of Refrigerant Oil Related Knowledge

1. Classification of refrigerant oil One is traditional mineral oil; The other is a synthetic polyol ester oil such as PO, often called polyester oil is also a synthetic poly (b) diol lubricating oil, their Chinese name is not very unified. POE oil can be used not only in HFC refrigerant system,



[Product News] Analysis of Cause of Transformer Oil Dielectric Loss Exceeding Standard

Dielectric loss is the sum of polarization loss and conductance loss caused by transformer oil under the action of alternating electric field. Dielectric loss factor can reflect the transformer insulation characteristics, reflect the transformer oil in the electric field, oxidation and high temperature under the action of aging degree, reflect the degree of polarity impurities and charged colloid pollution in the oil. In the process of long-term use of transformer, the operation condition of transformer oil can be reflected by medium loss factor test. 1. Analysis of causes for excessive dielectric loss 1. Influence of impurities. Dust and other impurities exist in the oil or solid insulation materials of the transformer during installation. After running for a period of time, colloidal impurities gradually precipitate out. Colloidal particles are small in diameter and diffuse slowly, but have a certain amount of active energy. Particles can automatically coalesce, from small to large,

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